Temperature-controlled storage at Carolina Secure Storage in Creedmoor, North Carolina

Temperature-Controlled Storage in Creedmoor

Do you collect antique furniture, valuable artwork, or hi-fi stereo equipment? If you need to store your fragile valuables for any period of time, a temperature-controlled storage unit at Carolina Secure Storage may be ideal. Our specialized temperature-controlled units in Creedmoor, North Carolina, are kept within a specific temperature and humidity range, protecting delicate items from cracking or warping. Temperature-controlled storage is also ideal for business owners who have valuable inventory in need of storage. Protect your investment today with a temperature-controlled storage unit at Carolina Secure Storage. 

Peace of Mind

Something as simple as the changing of the seasons can cause a significant shift in moisture levels in the air, leading fragile wood items to crack and split. Fortunately, a temperature-controlled storage unit at Carolina Secure Storage in Creedmoor is a great way to protect your investment. Other items that will benefit from this type of storage include photographs and paintings, musical instruments, and fine furnishings. Our temperature-controlled units are available in a variety of sizes, beginning with 5x7 units perfect for storing boxed items like photo albums and antiques. Our largest temperature-controlled units available are 10x20 and are great for storing your valuable furnishings during remodeling or a move. 

Ready to learn more about temperature-controlled storage at Carolina Secure Storage? Contact our team today to hear about all the benefits of this specialized self storage.